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If a multiplayer-version of this could come someday, it would really be great, because especially this gameplay here of "Cabygame", is ideal to be played with more than one player at the same time.

Since there are now also 4-player-adapters available for the C64, one could even think about, offering a 4-player-simultaneous mode too in the game-menue, in addition to 1-player and 2-player simultaneous. I could imagine, that this would certainly be super fun as a party game, played with three friends, all sprites together on one screen against each other.  :-)

First production. Funny and adictive. This promises. God Job.

Keep it up!

Thanks !

What a wonderful game! I downloaded it for my smartphone emulator and play it all the time. It certainly takes me back to my retro childhood 😍.

It's amazing the talent out there! I never thought there would be games like this in 2021.

Also, the music chosen is very memorable and adventurous 🎵.

I can't wait for the multiplayer version! It will be epic competitions with friends 😎.

Thank you for your comments! Uctumi's music gives the game itself a high score. The scene is more alive than ever and this is our humble contribution. We hope to do many more and improve every time. We are motivated by these good comments, thank you very much! 🛴🕹

Funny little game. Good work. A 2-player-simultan feature could also be nice here. Maybe some day?

It might be a good challenge for Cabygame, Thanks!

Well done in creating your very first C64 game. I hope you enjoyed making it, as I have playing it. :)

Thank you Richard ! it was a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for your feedback and for playing it!

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Simple play and nicely done!

Thanks for your feedback!


Thank you very much for the gameplay! very well played! :)